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Jen and the Tranograms


A parody of a parody,(Jem and the Holograms – Jizz and the Mammograms) the game features a short story of 80’s stars who are planning a big comeback.  (18+ Contains strong language/sexual references and plenty bitchyness.)

Game Length:

(Very short)


The Tranograms

  • Jen Bitchton – Jem
  • Shina Elmtree – Shana
  • Kamber Bitchton – Kimber
  • Ajan Leaf – Aja

The Pissfits

  • Pissass – Pizzazz (Former lead member of the Pissfits)

Game Links:

Windows 32 (13mb):

Linux x86 (9mb):

Mac: (10mb)

Jen is my name nobody else is the same!

Jen is in the house, move over Jem’N’Jizz there’s a new bitch in the house!  I live with my little sister Kamber in a small house in Crapsville. Our long-time friend Shina is always showing up at our house… for no damn reason hasn’t she like got anything better to do? that bother us!  I can’t belive how many years it’s been since my band last recorded a song… we had a hit in the 80’s called “Truly Contagious” but since then the band went downhill… I can’t wait for our upcoming performance… now if only we could get ahold of Ajan…